About Us

Coastal Wellness is a fresh, interdisciplinary health and wellness centre, located in the heart of Papamoa, Tauranga. Emerging from a truly holistic approach to health, Coastal Wellness recognises the combined impact that physical, cognitive, mental, spiritual and familial factors have on wellbeing. As a result, we tailor every intervention to suit personal requirements, rather than adopting a one-size fits all approach. We are dedicated to improving the health of every indiviual who walks through our doors, and seeing the Papamoa community thrive in every way. As the only one of it’s kind, you can be assured that our focus is on you, the individual and your wellness journey.

Our boutique wellness services include Chiropractic care, Homeopathy, and Massage. All our practitioners are highly qualified ensuring a high standard of service delivery and a strong ethical foundation. We are also accredited Accident Compensation Corporation providers and guarantee accessible health care services. 


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